The Importance Of Critical Thinking In Honors College

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One of the most significant concerns in an Honors College environment is teaching students how to think critically about problems; specifically, those that are significant in today’s society. Honors College should greatly accelerate the maturation of this skill, and allow for the aptitude to be put into practice to a greater extent than what would be possible outside of this environment. The promotion of critical thinking is further enhanced due to better student/teacher ratios and smaller class sizes in Honors College, and by adhering to the following rolls.

The first role that Honors College should have in promoting critical thinking is to both encourage and embrace the freedom of expression. Professors should allow the students to openly express their opinions and thoughts, and their ideas should be respected and evaluated for merit. How can one learn how to problem solve if their proposed solutions are not taken, seriously? This freedom should be extended to the professors, as well. This would allow class time to be like an open forum, allowing students and teachers alike to openly discuss and express ideas, and put critical thinking skills to practice. The giving and receiving of honest feedback also play a crucial role in the development of problem-solving skills.While it is okay for professors to express their views, they should not dictate how the students think. All sides of a critical issue should be fully examined with positives and negatives and left to the student to decide their stance. In fact, the professor
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Having the privilege to participate in Honors College offers students an enhanced opportunity to take part in a unique and enriching experience that can transform how they view and operate in everyday life. The ideal Honors College experience would arm students with the tools necessary to succeed in life’s endeavors utilizing their critical thinking