The Importance Of Cultural Diversity In Health Care

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Culture diversity refers to differences that exist amongst people all over the world and how these diverse groups of people interact with one another. These differences do not just refer to cultural beliefs or traditions, but age, gender, race, educational background, financial class, and sexual preferences also pertain to cultural diversity. Understanding these different cultures is essential when involved with the development his or her health care plan. The National Center for Cultural Competence (2007) explains that although there are some similarities among all groups, it is the different cultural backgrounds that can impact how the patient and the healthcare provider view one another in relation to the different practices and values each has related to healthcare services. For this reason, health professionals need to be engaged in learning more about the different cultures to improve communication between the healthcare provider and the patient. Ayoola (2013) explains how currently 37% of the population in the United States is considered …show more content…
When I am addressing a patient, I call them by Mr. or Ms. and their last name. I never address a patient as honey or baby. I find that many patients, particularly the older population, find that offensive. I also take the time to talk with my patient to get a better understanding of his or her beliefs and values, which is helpful when developing a plan of care with the patient. When taking care of my patients, I do not attempt to persuade or impose my personal beliefs on them. Although I have taken care of patients that may live a lifestyle that I would never choose to live, I do not that affect the type of nursing care I provide. To me, they are my patient. I do not see color, race, or social background. I see a person who needs to be taken care of in a way that demonstrates respect for their values, beliefs, and cultural