The Importance Of Cultural Identity

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To begin with, cultural identity allows people to redeem their own spirit and gain vitality. Jackson’s Indian cultural identity redeems him from drifting through life. Whereas before Jackson redeems his grandmother’s regalia, he feels he has been “disappearing every since”. However, when he gets the regalia back, he mentions “Pedestrians stopped. Cars stopped. The city stopped. They all watched me dance with my grandmother”. Jackson’s triumph changed him from an invisible homeless Indian to a visible person by reuniting his own identity and culture. Initially, Jackson is like other homeless Indians that are common and boring with no striking identity; while the regalia arouses Jackson’s desire of returning his traditional cultural identity and allows him to understand his value of life. Jackson realizes he can do something valuable in his meaningless life. Not only Jackson is redeemed by his cultural identity, but also other homeless Indians in Seattle. The three Aleut want nothing …show more content…
Excessive generosity cramped Jackson’s progress in a greedy world. Jackson is motivated to save his money for redeeming the regalia but every time when he gets money, he shares the wealth and never feels bad. When Jackson wins a hundred of dollars from the lottery tickets, he gives Marry, who is a girl he loves, one of the bill with the reason of “when you win, you’re supposed to share with your family”. Jackson makes this statement and the action of sharing money as if he is taking Mary and all his friends as a part of his family. Generosity and family are highly valued by Indians; they respect the person who gives generously instead of person who is with large savings. Jackson’s generous on several occasions results in rapid expenditure instead of the increasing of his savings. As a result, Jackson can’t improve his own life and is unable to raise enough money for the