The Importance Of Dance In Education

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Raheem Nash
May 2, 2013
Modern Dance Class

Why is dance taught in P-12 and in what Context? There are many reasons why dance is and should continue to be taught in public schools. Even though in some places it’s not, I will be talking about or giving a few facts on why it is taught and in what context it is taught in.
Dance for some people rather than walking first they starting dancing which is really common in many cases. Dance is a form of body motion in which at a young age it’s as simple as moving your head back and forth, shaking your hands, and or do the all-time favorite and wiggle while your laying down. But, as you get older and you began to witness your peers, others, and television you began to see different types of dances that’s in Hip Hop Videos or just in commercials. So really by the time you enter school as a child your just trying to repeat what you’ve seen on television rather than express the way you feel or take it serious.
As time went on Educators and Teachers came to the conclusion that dance itself was a form of art and that it could be taught in schools rather than just used as a form of socializing. So when the development of dance in education came in the 19th century there was an increase not only in public schools but private schools as well as colleges. As it continued to grow they began to see children growth of all ages physically, mentally and academically. But, because it was mainly in private academies before public schools there