The Importance Of Daniel The Bible

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The passage Matthew 24:15-31 is important because God spoke through Daniel the Prophet, the importance of Daniel’s Prophecy was where Daniel was when he got this message from God. Daniel was in the temple “holy place” and the prophecy was a warning for the people of Judea to flee from the country and escape to the mountains. They will embark on a journey that will be dangerous and will be especially dangerous for women who are pregnant or have a new infant. Wasting time to get out of the city will be very detrimental, so where ever you are you need to collect your things and leave immediately to get out of the city. If you go back for anything it will cost you precious time to get farther then everyone else. You can only hope that this day will not happen on the Sabbath day or during the winter, because you will be breaking the Mosaic Law. If the day happens during winter then it will be extremely hard to be able to get out of the city. There will be many people, who try and get you to leave and claim that they are the real Messiah, but you must wait for my signal that I shall send to you and you will know when it is the right time to leave and flee. When you see the lighting coming from the east and you are in the west you know that the Son on Man will be coming. When the son of man does come, there will be darkens with no light, the stars will fall, the heavens will shake and the Son of Man will appear in the heavens. The Man who comes from the heavens will have great power and will have great power. This passage is very important because it is the prophecy of telling that the Jesus is coming and soon will be born. The coming of Jesus is the most important bible story told by Matthew because it portrays a great flee that will happen, in time that will cause everyone to leave their house and embark on a journey home. During the year that Jesus