The Importance Of Democracy In The United States

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Democracy is a simple concept. It can be defined as a form of government which is controlled by the people. The supreme rule is within the majority of the people or in elected officials that represent the people. In today’s world, more specifically in the United states, there is little democracy. The reason there is little democracy is because the government does not allow its citizens to have an impact on the government’s decisions. The elected officials tend to ignore the will of the people and do what they want. Democracy is on the decline which is having a negative impact on the American dream.
Democracy is not only in the United States, but it is in other countries too and is declining in those foreign countries. For example, in the foreign countries of Russia, China, and Mexico, democracy is at a rapid decline. Along with those countries, it also includes the country of Canada. Canada, at one point, had a civic republicanism. The meaning of a civic republicanism is it “offers a middle path that does justice.” Civic republicanism combines personal freedom and responsibility for the community. Therefore, is was good for Canada to have that certain kind of democracy. Also, Australia had civic republicanism too,
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With the recent bombings of Afghanistan and Syria, he is proving that the United States military is back on top. Not only the military but the nation itself too. Previously the nation has seemed weak for pulling out from fighting, but now the United Sates will stand its ground. Also, ten years from now the United States will be more prosperous in producing its own products from the people in the states. That’s one thing Donald Trump wants to do as the business man he is. Producing is one way the United States will get out of debt. Once when the nation starts producing more products, then other foreign countries will want to buy from the people in our