The Importance Of Digital Advertising

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Remember when "surfing the net" means going through a minefield of unwanted pop-up ads? When "digital advertising" is all about letting the obnoxious flashing banner and random side ads appear? However, online advertising has grown up a lot since those days, advertiser has no longer paying for just a fixed position on the website but instead pay-per-click.
It all started with banner ads.
On October 27, 1994, the world of advertising was permanently transformed by a small image with a rainbow text on a black background from AT&T on HotWired website, prophetically asking "Have you ever clicked your mouse right here? You will." (Singel, 2010). The age of banner ads has officially started.
HotWired is a digital publication, and it needs a way to generate revenue
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What is important is to keep improving the ads as time goes buy and with this one will be in a position to know what is trending and adopt to it changes or improvements (Khraim, 2015).

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