The Importance Of Early Human Diets

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Wow! It is really amazing what all scientists can find out about one. In this day and age, research has evolved to anthropologist being able to find out what ones diet could have been like, after demise. The topic of knowing what kind of diet and adaptation skills the early humans lived through is very interesting. I am finding it astounding how the very small elements of our world can leave such educating clues. I will be informing one on what research has shown in new findings about our early human’s diets, how their diet changes reflected adaptations to their environment, and researchers’ testing method. The first article I read from the discovery web site, discussed the different types of foods that the early humans consumed. At one point in time everyone believed that our early humans only ate meat. Studies are now showing different and new findings in early human’s diet. This article talked about how not only was meat consumed, but dates, barley, legumes, and plants were as well. (Viegas 2010:1) It is also discussed that some of which were cooked. In another article, written by George Washington University, they found that due to the chipping and size of the early human’s teeth that they were also eating nuts and other hard foods.(GWU 2010:1) Now that we have established some of what the different types of foods in the diets were that the early humans had, let us now discuss possibilities as to why the changes were. Due to the fact that early humans came from all over the world, they had to adapt to whatever their environment was to survive. With having said this, they had to gather and harvest according to the seasons to live.(Viegas 2010:1) Many of the early humans lived in the coldest and harshest environments and did adapt to survive.(Goudarzi 2008:2) This is also the reason that caused Amanda Henry, a graduate of George Washington University, to look into possible veggie intake for early humans as a means of survival.(Goudarzi 2008:2) George Washington University explained their testing methods for the diets of early humans. They centered their tests on the early humans’ teeth. They looked at the size, chips, and enamel of the teeth. These researchers took the tooth size and measured the size of the chips in the teeth to come up with the force of the bit it took to cause the chip. The researchers then could use the