The Importance Of Education In Education

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Education is light that shows the mankind the right direction to surge. The purpose of education is not just making a student literate but adds rationale thinking, knowledge and self-sufficiency. When there is a willingness to change, there is a hope for progress in any field. Creativity can be developed and innovational benefits to both students and teachers. Education is a light that shows the mankind the right direction to surge. If education fails to inculcate self-discipline and commitment to achieve in the minds of student, it is not their fault. We have to convert education into a sport and learning process has to generate interest in the students and motivate them to stay back in the institution than to run away from it. Education …show more content…
Since knowledge is no longer an end but a means to create better problem solvers and encourage lifelong learning process. Problem-based learning is becoming increasingly popular in educational institutions as a tool to address the inadequacies of traditional teaching. Since these traditional approaches do not encourage students to question what they have learnt or to associate with previously acquired knowledge (Teo&Wong,2000), problem-based learning is seen as an innovative measure to encourage students to learn how to learn via real-life …show more content…
Looking at the lighter side of life not only fosters cordial relations between professors and students, but also provides welcome relief while trying to follow a difficult lecture on a complicated subject. When there is a willingness to change there is hope for progress in any field. Teaching is a challenge. Learning is a challenge. Combining both effectively is a challenge. Being humorous is a challenge. However laughing is easy. We are convinced both by experience and research that using humor in teaching is a very effective tool for both the teacher and student.
(3) Z to A Approach This approach attempts to explain the application part of a particular concept first and explain the effect of such application. For example in management subject-motivation is explained in manner that the organization get extensive benefits out of using some techniques like promotions and awards. So here the use of promotion is explained first and later students would get interest in knowing what are promotions and awards. The teacher starts explaining what is promotion and explain what motivation theory in management is. Another example we can try is that in accounting the income statement and balance sheet can be explained first and later drawing their attention to double entry system of book