The Importance Of Effective Communication

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Organizations are made up of people that are guided by effective communication, this is very important for organizations or department to run effectively ( Mc Shane, 2006). Therefore employers and employees are on the same page as to what is expected in order to achieve established goals.
Effective communication is drastically important for the existence of any organization. The reasons being that an organization consist of a group of people that work independently through communication ( Mc Shane, 2006). Hence individual can clearly state what is expected and how work can be coordinated to achieve the goals of the organization.
With effective communication, organization or departments fosters an environment for learning which leads to making
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In order for time to not affect the effectiveness of the correspondence being utilized, various approaches must be adopted to mitigate the time which can be taken to relay the information from the sender to the receiver. As such, the intranet system can be seen as a solution to address some of these challenges on a real-time basis. With the implementation of an intranet system, organizations are now able to cut time taken to relay messages between persons, branches and countries. Multi-national corporations would have been able to benefit largely from the implementation of this type of …show more content…
Employees also gain feedback instantly. "Face-to-face communication can help build rapport between managers and employees, which can be critical towards lessening employee resistance to change." (Chaudhry et al., 2011). By putting the organization Election and Boundaries Commission (EBC) under the scope, interviews from three people perspectives, were conducted for the research topic of communication. It was found that all three interviewees, considered that face-to face to be the major method of communication that was used within that branch of organization. It was seen as a quick way to get clear direct information from peers. Telephone was only used for external purposes to the public and also for location differences to the other branches of EBC. Since employees at EBC, dealt with the public in terms of elections purposes and also issuance of identification cards, workers have to communicate a lot by using the communication method of face-to