The Importance Of Effective Communication With Children And Adults

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It is important to have effective communication with children, young people and also adults in order to build a positive relationship with them. If you don't have any verbal communications with people you can't build any sort of a relationship. To have a relationship with children you need to talk to them and get to know them more and also know their likes, dislikes, and their behavior patterns and what upsets them. If you know them well you will understand how to communicate with them effectively. Children, adults, and young people all have different needs so you need to communicate with them in different ways. The way you communicate with young people differs from the way you communicate with children or adults. In order to know how to communicate with young people, you would also need to find out their likes and dislikes which will be different from a child's likes and dislikes. For example, children enjoy watching cartoons or playing with toys. On the other hand, young people enjoy watching movies or listening to music. Adults might also differ from young people and their likes and likes might be different. As most adults are interested in politics, news, and world affairs, but you must not assume that all adults are the same or all children are the same or even all young people are the same because they are not. So you always need to have verbal communications and get to know a person better in order to have a positive relationship with them. …show more content…
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Answer: itâ€TMs important that you make the areas of what you are saying to a person very clear and make sure that they understand what you have said to them because understanding is the key