The Importance Of Employee Motivation

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Motivation is an energy which keeps employee to perform their task. It makes employee to feel proud as their efforts has been appreciated. However different generation employee is been motivated in different ways, the employee is starting his career in 20’s is totally different from the employee who is retirement in age of 70’s. To bring out employee best performance employer should develop the compensation plan which attract, motivate and preserve employees. INTRDODUTION
Motivation refers to strength, attractiveness and thrill which inspire employees to expand their vision and co-ordinate with honesty towards task or goal (Heathfield, 2017). An employee motivation is influenced by his or her emotion, society, nature factors. Every employee
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The challenge at this age is change. The change career path is totally different what they thought because they have been motivated by clear Job description that outline the mission of the firm and what role they have to perform. The employer has to make them meaningful and appreciate their efforts towards their …show more content…
At this age they have enough experience and know their work exactly how the organization wanted them to perform. The biggest challenge however is work-family challenge (Relate Zedesk, n.d.) since they have families and children. Employee in their 30’s is motivated through by being offered with flexible time schedule as they can also spend so time with their families.
Employee motivation in their 40’s
The specialty of this employee age as they are experts, they have strong professional sources. However they are at middle life crisis stage where they see behind their career mistakes, opportunity and analyze their choices, feels that something is missing in their life. This employee therefore gets motivated if the employer realizes their important in organization and provide them with good life style benefits such as gym membership subsidy to keep them fit both inside and outside the office.
Employee motivation in their 50, 60 and 70’s
Employee in this age is senior employee in the organization and most of them enjoy this position as they are close to retirement. The biggest fear for this employee is fear of replaced by younger generation. Therefore 50, 60 and 70’s employee should be motivated by professional development program that help them to learn new skills and technology which feel equal with younger generation and also encourage them to mentor the younger staff to develop towards the future