The Importance Of Employment

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While participation was actually low the results reflect a consensus from two of Ballard’s most important departments. The food service and housekeeping departments are considered frontline because these employees come in contact with customers and guests quite regularly. It will be most important to discover the root cause of the discontent in order to ensure proper customer service and employee interaction with the guests. The results from the sample show that the majority of the respondents appear to be unhappy with their training and their pay. It is not uncommon for employees to be unhappy with their pay, but proper training is an intergral step in preparing an employee for success. Proper training of frontline employees is even more important as they are often seen as the face of the company. The first recommendation would include a complete review of training processes. Since most of the respondents work in the housekeeping and foodservice departments, I would start in those departments. It may be necessary to perform interviews with a sampling of these employees to discover what is lacking in their current training. Once the deficiencies are identified, there must be immediate steps taken to improve training and to ensure that all employees are comfortable with their training and fully prepared to complete their responsibilities.
The most glaring fact about the respondents’ unhappiness that concerns pay is that it appears to be present across the board. While the majority of respondents work in housekeeping and food service, all departments feel that their pay is not congruent with the labor performed. In many cases, organizations base their pay scale from those of other organizations which provide similar service. While this may be a common practice, if BIMS wishes to provide uncommon service, it may be important to review its current pay scale system. One recommendation may include bonuses which can be directly related to training and service length. As discussed earlier, proper training is vital to BIMS’ continued success and any reduction in turnover actually translates to better service and better training. BIMS current turnover rate does not provide a stable environment where trained and experienced workers are available to