The Importance Of English

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Why everyone should take ENG 131.

It’s important to have a strong grasp of the rules and guidelines of the English subject. This class is incredibly vital in that it gives the student tools to help further their education. Knowing how to write a proper college level paper, as well as the basic grammar needed to do so will help the student down the road. It is also a helpful course for those who are returning to school after being out for many years. This class also helps give the student confidence they may not have otherwise.

Knowing how to compile a paper properly so it flows easily helps the reader process the information more efficiently. The student learns how to be more aware of the grammar they use. This class is a helpful tool, because the people that have taken this class will use everything they have learned here in every class they take as they advance their professional and college careers.

Usage of correct grammar and punctuation is important. If a professional does not use proper grammar, they can be seen as amateur and ignorant. This could be embarrassing for the person. The incorrect use of words such as: their, there, and there is one example of such mistake. Knowing how to use punctuation correctly is just as essential. The sentences “Let’s eat Grandma” and “Let’s eat, Grandma” make two entirely different points.

Most times if someone does not use the tools they have learned in the past they forget how to correctly perform those tasks. This