The Importance Of Enterprise Fuel

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enterprise catalyst Tariq Williams
10 Sep 2013

your enterprise fuel:

You have a very solid foundation of motivation, self-belief and a willingness to learn and change. These are the core qualities that underpin success is every walk of life and will really help you with your studies. What do you do to ensure you maintain this level of ‘enterprise fuel’ and direct it towards the things that are really important to you? Do you have priorities that you focus upon? Are you spending enough time studying and doing course work?

Motivation and Drive
Success and achievement is important to you. You are putting effort into achieving in the future. Recognition for studying and learning is probably important to you and when you don’t get on, or don’t get the reward you want - you may get frustrated. This is OK as frustration is a sign that you want to do more. Use it, but don’t allow it to get in the way of enjoying yourself.
Motivation is like hunger – it drives us to do something. Use it to deal with set-backs and challenges as they invariably happen.

Capacity to Self Determine
You have a fairly strong belief that you can make things happen and it is great you take responsibility to do this. This will help you to learn and succeed and create the type of lifestyle you want. You don’t rely upon luck to bring you what you want in life. It’s as much about effort as intelligence. This is a great quality and you should use it as much as you can to build the foundations of your future. Use this quality to help you achieve success in education and/or training. Willingness to Learn
You view yourself as someone who is able to adapt to change and willing to take on board new ways of doing things. You are probably a good learner. This is a great strength, as we are no longer able to live and work the way we did in the past, and things continue to change rapidly.
You are preparing yourself for a world that is changing and at times is quite unpredictable. One of your challenges may be to apply the new knowledge and skills you develop so they really work for you!

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enterprise catalyst Tariq Williams
10 Sep 2013

enterprise style
Sometimes you like to work alone and on other occasions you feel the need to be with people. This is a very ‘balanced’ style and, if you use it well, will enable you to study well and build relationships whilst at the same time choosing your own direction, as and when you feel it appropriate. You may be a good link person in team and group situations, especially if there is a need for collaborative learning. One of your skills may be to ensure everyone has the opportunity to speak and contribute.

You prefer to finish things rather than get caught up in a new course or task that will require your time and energy. You seem to know when to stick with a current project or assignment and when to move onto something new. This will be of great value, as you will deliver what people are asking for – usually to course leaders and teachers. What you need to do, is to make sure you are also doing things you value and will be of benefit to you. Take time to think through what you want to achieve longer-term.
You are one of those people who will find different solutions to problems. You like to think outside the box. You can be very creative. You like to explore and experiment, even though you don’t always know what will happen and whether something different will work. This is great if you are being asked to be creative, but might cause problems if you have been set a specific task and just need to do it. You may also be a bit disorganised, and sometimes struggle to hit deadlines, which can lower your scores.
You look out for new opportunities. For you it may seem obvious, but ‘problems require solutions’. The more ‘problems’