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As a working professional, I understand the importance of manager/employee relationships. As a business major, I am striving to learn how to manage and how to be an effective manager. I feel of the most important factors of being a manager is having morals and ethics. Being an honest and trustworthy person helps to make you a better leader than someone who is not ethically good. It’s sad to say but there aren’t many honest people in management positions anymore.
In this paper I will discuss the importance of ethics in management. I will take a more in depth look at leadership and the qualities of being a good leader. It is common for managers to be unethical now and I am going to look at different ways managers can be unethical. I believe that because being unethical is so common and everyone is doing it, people may be unaware when they are showing unethical behavior. Being a leader is about being your own individual and doing what is right despite of what everyone else is doing.

The importance of manager/employee relationships
In all of my work experience, I have had managers with different beliefs and personalities. I have found that the employees are more productive in an environment where everyone is getting along and the manager has an open relationship with all their employees. As an employee I will work harder for someone that I feel cares about me and my well-being than a person that only cares about sales and money. Also, if there is something that you can do to make your job performance better, you would more than likely ask the manager you have a relationship with for help. This tension can affect job performance and production. Because of unethical managers, employees fail to work to the best of their abilities within their company. Sometimes managers expect the employees to go above and beyond their normal work duties, and the managers fail to do what they can to help lessen the stress of the workplace. It is important for employees to have a manager that has integrity, morals, and operates in fairness.

What are unethical behaviors in management? The pressures to meet stats, productions, or numbers from higher management, will cause managers to behave unethically. Cheating, lying or stealing is a few things managers do to meet productions, fearing for their own job. The more a company puts pressure on managers to meet company goals, the more pressure is put on managers to act unethical. To meet goals the managers may understate revenue or understate cost. Lying on the budgets can put a negative impact on the company later when they realize money is missing or not accounted for. Another unethical behavior in management is letting your personal feelings about an employee cause you to treat them unfairly. Managers have to learn how to separate their personal beliefs and feelings from the way they handle their job and their employees. Certain situations happen that may tempt a manager to act unethically, but a true leader will do the right thing every time, even if that means the blame rests on them.

How to Handle an Unethical Manager Dealing with unethical managers can be scary because that manager has the power over your job. There are ways to deal with unethical managers without compromising yourself or your job. When you have an unethical manager, its best that…