The Importance Of Football

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Football, also known as soccer, is better played with a consumption of healthy, nutritious foods. As football contains a lot of short burst sprints, kicking and tackling we need to provide our bodies with the correct nutrients to perform at our best. Carbohydrate rich foods are a great source of energy. With all the activity your doing in a football match it is suggested to take 5 to 8 grams of carbohydrate per kilogram of body weight each day! Carbohydrates also help players bulk up and stimulate muscle growth. Foods containing protein are also required as they help our muscles grow too. Protein foods should be eaten after a training session or game to help build up and repair our muscles. Other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are also beneficial in the bulking up process. It is important that footballers persist on their healthy eating habits all year round to prevent building up body fat. Often players participate in off season sports to keep their physical shape ready for the new season. Above all this the most important nutrient is water. It is important that footballers replenish themselves frequently and efficiently to provide for the loss of any fluids in the body. It is advised to drink water, smoothies, milkshakes and energy-drinks as they encourage better fluid intake because of their taste, as well as supplying extra fuel for the match. Many teams have parties for victories and what not and these parties often