The Importance Of Forensic Pathology

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How you ever wondered who are the people that comes with a determination of the cause and manner of death? Or how they get those results? Forensic pathology plays a big role in crime scenes because they conclude the cause of death, give evidence in court, and finish solving crimes.
Forensic pathologists are very important when talking about crime investigations. They specialize in examining people who died suddenly, unexpectedly or violently. They determine a person cause and manner of death (What is forensic). Forensic pathology is a “brand of medicine that applies the principles and knowledge of the medical sciences to problems in the field law” (Choo). They have know advanced technology to help them supply evidence when it comes to crimes
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And became professionally acknowledge in the year of 1959 (Walker Forensic). A man named Carl Rokitansky was the first full-time pathologist in history where he developed a systematic way of dissecting a human being (Walker Forensic). Later on during the middle of the 19th century, Rudolf Virchow that is considered the father of pathology realized the importance of using a microscope in pathological research and because of him pathologists started using it. In North America the first recorded autopsy took place in Santo Domingo in 1533 and it was an examination of conjoined twins trying to figure out not the cause of death but whether there were two souls or one (Choo). The pathology practiced in America during the 19th century can be traced back to Virchow and the German School of Pathology. The first application of an autopsy in the United States occurred in Maryland in 1665 and the first medical examiner system was introduced in Massachusetts in 1877 (Choo). Right now the father of modern pathology is Giovanni Battista …show more content…
So this job is one of the most lucrative and in-demand subfields of forensics is pathology in the U.S.
Dealing with decomposing bodies, psychological stress and gathering different information to find a cause of death are just some of the things that forensic pathologists go through in their daily life. So can people be able to handle this job knowing some of the bad sides of it?

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