Essay on The Importance of Fraternities and Sororities in America

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Greek Life Now more than ever, the impacts and repercussions of Greek life in America is under heavy scrutiny, not just by Colleges, but by parents, communities, even the US Government has taken legal action in reference to Greek Life. Everyone hears about it in the news, the hazing, the premature deaths, years of legacy and progress ruined by a few young students who just took things too far. However, what society hardly ever sees is the positive impact which Greek life has in today’s society. Studies have shown that Fraternities and sororities have actually proven to be some of the best organizations in the country, and for this reason this is a claim of fact argument. Nobody ever hears of the thousands of ours of Philanthropy and service which are committed by these Greek organizations. Nobody ever considers the leadership skills which are inherited as a member of one of these Greek organizations. Nobody ever hears of these successes because the media does not find it nearly as interesting nor juicy as a story about a freshman who is new to college who was forced to drink himself to death while pledging a fraternity. The strides of Greek success can be seen everywhere in today’s society, if someone is willing to look in the right places and have an open eye. To an outsider who is not open to the idea of Brotherhood or Sisterhood the purpose of Greek life may seem obscure, or to be designed just for drinking or partying, however it is about much much more than that. It is true that most Fraternities will be caught and reported drinking or partying, however it is likely that these students would have been caught drinking anyways and Greek life cannot be to blame for what would likely happen anyway. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that “about four out of five college students drink alcohol” whereas no more than 20% of college students on average are involved in Greek life. This statistic merely goes to show that regardless of whether or not a student is in Greek life, they will still likely consume alcohol. Fraternities and sororities strive for much more than to merely party and have a “good time.” Greek life will urge students to build relationships for life, it is not uncommon for a brother or sister from college years to become a friend for life, someone who will always be there for you no matter what, because you both took a vow towards fellowship together. For this reason, it is shown in a US Government study that “over 70% of all those who join a fraternity/sorority graduate, while under 50% of all non-fraternity/sorority persons graduate” Also, many Greek Organizations will have academic requirements in order to remain an active member. Having a minimum required GPA, as most fraternities do, will set expectations for all members and give them a huge incentive to ensure that their academics come first. In addition, many fraternities or sororities will offer scholarships and other financial incentives for those members who may excel in their field of study, in the form of having a certain GPA or having a chapter GPA above their schools average GPA. In the situation of having a Chapter GPA above the average for the school, it offers something which few organizations can offer, someone to hold you accountable. In college it is all about competing with those around you to gain that competitive edge over everyone else. However, if your chapter is looking to receive a certain GPA, students have brothers to hold them to a higher standard for the general good of the chapter in hopes of a chapter scholarship. Now some people may say that it does not matter that these people are around you, as you are merely “paying to have friends.” While it is true that members have to pay dues which may in fact be very…