The Importance Of Freedom In America

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What is freedom? Is it a right that we have or a privilege? I say that it is something us Americans are lucky to be born into. Something most people take advantage of each and every day. We have it a lot better here in America than most countries do. We are able to wake up and have so many opportunities that others could only dream for, “(all of the rights we have spell security)”-FDR. America is a place you can be happy in and make your dreams come true. You can be whatever you want as long as you set your mind to it. You can express who you are but no matter what their will always be those judgemental and prejudiced people. You can pay them no attention because in other countries you have to stay low on your sexuality, religion and dreams …show more content…
“(it is time to remove the barriers that keep people apart)”-George Washington, Everyone needs to be more open and try new things to make this free country better not only for us but for generations to come. Do you want to travel? Do you want to explore the world? Do it no one can stop you because America is what dreams are made of. Do you not feel safe in your own home? Buy a gun and keep it around for safety, you know why?, because it is your choice and this is America and we all have the right to bare arms for the sake of our safety. America will never know why other countries have so much hate towards us. We are not all bad we let their people in we care for them better than they ever would. Even though we are hated so much we have so many doctors, dentists and surgeons who dedicate their time to go over there and help their people with no charge. They do not provide those needs for their own people, so we feel the need to help. No matter what, “(We americans make no secret of our belief in freedom)”-president