The Importance Of Freedom In The United States

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As Americans here and now, we have to rely on one another to be able to build our future of prosperity, that will not exist centuries from now, but right here, right now. Centuries ago, we warned by our first president, George Washington, to avoid political parties, but here we are today, divided by political indifference and warring at one another over manipulated stories from the media.We must put all these things aside to be able to grow as a country and escape the darkness that threatens to destroy this wonderful land that had been built for us through centuries of bravery and sacrifice that has led us here.Through strength and trust, our country can move forward into the future and stand above the world of hunger, war, and violence to avoid the destruction and become the country that we once were, a land of proud, sensible, and strong beings willing to do anything for one another. …show more content…
One insignificant group of people showed the world that freedom was their choice and that they should not be ruled over an empire that claimed their land long ago. This country has grown from a mere child to a young adult from that point as it grew more powerful from every conflict it faced and more together during these conflicts. From the Revolutionary War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World Wars, Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War, and any other crises, we have stood strong and made sure that we grew from those experiences to piece together a country that we know today as the United States, a land of diverse people who stand to make this country what it is and what it is meant to