The Importance Of Giving Up In High School

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Have you ever had a time where you thought you were going to give up because you didn’t understand that material in which you were given in school ? Well, I’ve felt that experience a few years back when I was in the fifth grade.
Listen, I've made tons of mistakes in my life but here's one that i'll never forget.
Back when I was in fifth grade, I didn’t do what I had to do. I would be a hypocrite always talk back to teachers and be disrespectful to my peers, most of the time it was just fun banter. Any time I would try and make an attempt to behave, it would never work; and I would just end up giving up and getting upset. As a result, I was failing most of my classes, but at the time it didn’t cross my mind that i would’ve had to repeat the grade. Most of the time I would just sit at the back of the class and not do my work or distract others. I acquired a reputation for myself as the class clown.
During my years of fifth grade, there was a rule where, if you rack up to 10 extensions, you would have saturday extension. If you got up to 16, you would be
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So when the last day of school came, I was scared that I would be Retained because I didn’t do my work throughout the year. So, when I was handed my report card, I had a feeling I was getting left back. I struggled with math and science A LOT; BUT when I looked at it, it said i had to go to summer school. I was so grateful at that moment because my teachers have given me another chance. They knew how smart I was when i put my mind to it. With that I was optimistic because I knew that my teacher had faith within me and knew that if I put my mind to things that I can accomplish great things. At that very moment i realized all the mistakes I have made. I didn’t ever want it to happen again, so I did what I had to do in the grades further on and never had to go through