The Importance Of Globalization

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Globalization Nowadays, people from all over the world use smart mobile phone such as Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Have you ever thought about why we can use these kinds of smart mobile phones, which are not a brand from your country? Have you heard that most of the phone factories are in China and other Asian countries? Do you know this is also a part of globalization?
Globalization has a big influence in our daily life. Nowadays, globalization has become more and more important. For example, the number of international schools has increased, and also, the number of overseas students has increased rapidly in recent years. Because people want their kids and themselves to learn more about other countries cultures and some of them think the education quality in developed countries, like America and England is better. They want to develop
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I would like to say, “of course”. Wheat, corn and cotton are the three main crops in the US, especially the corn. The yield of the corn in the US is 40% of the world, and the exports account of the corn is more than 60% of the world. We can see how big the data is! Think about the business, if the globalization grows faster, the demand of the corn may increase, and the agriculture can also become more developed. There are more examples about agriculture, such as wool in Australia and rice in Thailand.
Globalization has different impacts on different kinds of people, for example, farmers may hope globalization develops more in the future, because it can help them sell more crops to other areas around the world so that they can make more money and have a better life. Business men may also hope globalization develops more so that they can have more communication with foreign businesses, and in order to make more money. But some elderly maybe do not want globalization to develop more, because they do not want to lose their traditional culture, like history, food, art and so