The Importance Of Governance At Risk Behavior

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Cherre’ P. Walker October 15, 2014

In the job market today, there are millions of incidents that happen every day while on the job. That number could be higher when there are corporations who tolerate at risk behavior. Well, according to the 24/7 Safety book, the main character Kurt was up to the challenge when asked to take on a new mangement position. Kurt who had been in management for years was asked by his friend John Kaiser to come in and create an environment where on the job safety was a must. John's company had a high injury report on safety & was losing stock about his company. Moreover, when John Kaiser called his friend Kurt to meet with him about safety on the job, he also explained he had only 6 months to turn things around.

Being the friend & gentleman that Kurt was, he immediately accepted the job. Shortly after their meeting, Kurt thought to himself & stated that 6 months is too short of a time frame to change an working environment around about safety on the job. At first, Kurt doubted himself about the task but thanks to his wife, Jessica she encouraged him and reminded her husband how great he was with people. Kurt had established a good relationship on his past jobs in management and with people period. Immediately, Kurt then began to go to work on his mission. Most importantly, Kurt also realized that if he was to help turn his friend John Kaiser job around, he was also going to need help to propose an agenda on safety rules. After brainstorming, Kurt suddenly remembered a family member who knew about safety on the job very well and could maybe help him with his mission. Little did Kurt know, his wife Jessica already had found the number of the person he was looking for and gave it to him. Boy was Kurt happy to see the number!

Kurt then called a friend named Sam who was a man full with achievements but knew a lot about practicing safety on the job. Kurt & Sam got together for the past 90 days and Kurt had learned a lot about how to approach employees about safety and how important safety is to himself at all times. Sam taught Kurt that first, you must identify that many people on the job may have a at risk behavior that may hurt them in the long run. Sam stated that there are 4 steps to think about when dealing with job safety. The 4 steps were 1- at risk behavior, 2-almost hit, 3-incident report & 4-fatality. Sam also taught Kurt that you have to think of on the job safety as a core value rather than a priority. Having a mindset to introduce well safety habits on the job as core values creates a change in how employees work & think. Most employees are used to doing things their way on the job, especially when they have created a at risk behavior.

In conclusion, most employees will tell you that they only practice safety on the job unless their