The Importance Of Grading System

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Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” This quote means that without creativity our minds wouldn’t be having fun and what’s life without a little fun? He was very wise to say this because our world would be lifeless with the lack of creativity, therefore the standard grading system should be changed because students aren’t able to show their creativity. The grading system of long-term assignments into projects and oral presentations will be more effective because students will receive better grades, be allowed to fully express themselves through creativity and students lives will be less stressful. Initially, with a new grading system in place students will receive better grades. The reasoning behind this is the grading system won’t be as harsh because there won’t be tests and quizzes to grade. Have you ever felt rushed to get ready for work? This feeling of ill preparedness is how many students feel on a daily basis when taking a test or quiz that can determine their future. This new system would allow students to better prepare themselves because they would have all year or semester to finish their projects, thus allowing their grades to excel. Statistics have proven that schools who use this new system have better …show more content…
Teachers would have more time to teach more in depth, interesting classes because they wouldn’t have to grade as many papers, so this would cause them to be less stressed and actually teach engaging classes so the students could learn better. Without the stress of test taking and cramming to study at least three to four times per week, students will be more alert and healthy. Students would even be more likely to want to participate and be engaged in school activities. Also students wouldn’t be concerned about how well they did, so they wouldn’t lose sleep at home therefore they would stay awake in class and they would excel more