The Importance Of HIPAA

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It is important for all health care recipients and health care providers to read information regarding HIPAA that way everyone will be informed of what rights are privacy they are entitled to and the workers are aware of what information needs to remain confidential. People can receive handouts regarding information about HIPAA, as well as the Internet. There are hundreds of online websites that people can go to in order to receive more information on how HIPAA works and what is required to ensure everyone follows the laws that go along with HIPAA. Breaking the law can have some major consequences so it is important to understand HIPAA and what privacy laws are enforced to protect a patient’s information. The information that is …show more content…
The organization could suffer and be put out of business, all because of an employee who broke the law. The rightful thing to do to the employee would be for the employee to receive a strong warning or, depending on how severe the law was broken, a leave of absence or termination from the job. I think that HIPAA has wonderful privacy laws that need to be used in human service organizations. In the technological world, it can be difficult for personal information to remain private, so it is great that HIPAA was established. HIPAA serves a great purpose, being that it protects a patient’s privacy. There are great resources that everyone could use to find out more information about HIPAA and what laws it provides, including the Internet. It is important that health care recipients and health care workers learn the rules and regulations of HIPAA because the laws will be enforced on a day-to-day basis and must be followed at all times. Even though some organizations were against HIPAA, it is important to enforce the rules of HIPAA for the best interest of the patient and their privacy rights. It is important to enforce strict punishment for those who break the rules of HIPAA because it could cause humiliation if the patient’s private information was released to other people who did not need to know about it. I think it is great that HIPAA was