The Importance Of Hammering-Making Communication

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Rosemare Garland Thompson raises the question of why we stare. Thompson states that it is simply because we are curious. Everyone does it and we usually do it because we need pleasure to the eyes, and because we are curious to that of the unexpected. Starring causes us to demand a story and to figure out what we are looking at. Starring among strangers is more common than starring at a person we know, thus creating an effect that is known as the meaning-making communication. It has more consequences than some may think, has that meaning-making communication can be taken as something negative by that of the staree. Starring at another person can trigger imitation, causing discomfort of the staree and wanting to make them flee. She uses the Blind Beggers porter by Jason Lawerence to use as an example of how the starers and staree creates a visual cue of interaction. It invades personal space and staring is furtive (Thompson, 5). Starring also gives a moment of realization, a reflection of ourselves of who we are not. Thompson states that we starring can constantly shift our perspective, depending on the expectation that the starer has. The starer is who makes the story of the staree, not the other way around. To stare …show more content…
Thompson did state that we stare because we see something rare, or out of the ordinary. I believe that I, and some others, will stare at something or someone because I lack those characteristics or the “ideal” type of feature. Starring made me realize that I do it for the purpose of not only pleasure, but it makes me look back at myself. For example, I like to stare at those who has a similar fashion type as mine, yet I feel as if I am lacking something. They have something that I don’t, whether it’d be the money, the body type that they have, the piece of article that they are wearing. I constantly gawk for curiosity, and pleasure, but most of all to definitely reflect to