The Importance Of Humanism In Literature

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Nov 25 2015

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“All men by nature desire knowledge”- Aristotle. The Renaissance Started when the black death subsided. People wanted to find new knowledge that has been destroyed People became even more open minded then became humanistic.( also known as Secular knowledge) Humanistic means that they accept that they are truly human. Humanism was the popular ideology at the time. This affected the Architecture, Arts, and technologies being open minded led to the New printing press ”During is this era people looked for the old Roman and Greek classics. This was good because the people looked at the romans and Greeks as great role models”- Mendoza R. personal conversation (2015). Both this new secular knowledge and The new printing press were used to Revive knowledge that were lost at the Dark Ages.

The secular knowledge which is also known as humanism is that people became even more open minded.Humanism was the common ideology at the time. Being humanistic caused them to find new knowledge like old Roman and Greek classics. Being humanistic also affected Art, Architecture, Science and Medicine. Being
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It spread knowledge around Renaissance Europe to read and learn the Past and current writings and studies that were found. “The New Printing Press was not founded in Europe, It was found in China. Since China had so many chinese characters they were not able to use the woodblock printing efficiently so they traded it with Europe and then europe decided to change the woodblocks into the English alphabet.” - Mendoza R. personal conversation (2015). the effect of the new printing press is that it spread literature around Europe for more people to read and