The Importance Of IT Technology

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The single most important thing I took away from this class was the importance of current, up-to-date and secure IT systems to any business. All the concepts and types of IT systems we discussed are worthless if they are not current and especially, secure. IT systems play a huge role in business today, from the software to the hardware systems. In order for a business to be successful, it has to incorporate these technologies and make them work for the company. With the advances in technology, there are social media sites that companies can use to promote their business, which are fairly easy and inexpensive to maintain. There are also advanced hardware systems that enable business to proceed more efficiently. For example, we have a scanner and barcode system at our office. Every file has a barcode that is scanned wherever the file goes. That way, if somebody in the office is looking for the file, they can go to the scan history and see who last had the file. That eliminates a lot of running around looking for a file in a law firm with over 30,000 clients!
Something else that was really pointed out to me in this class is the importance of hiring competent IT technicians. Somebody who is just doing the bare minimums to get by is not going to be able to as effectively evaluate, update and/or maintain the IT systems in the company. Since so much business is done via technology, and good IT tech is essential for a functioning business. To use my office as an