The Importance Of Information Technology

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Information Technologies have become widespread and have penetrated deeply into societies in developing countries. These technologies have been widely adopted and have significantly influenced the lifestyles of people in these countries, including religious people. Information technology at the basic level facilitates the recording, communicating, synthesizing and organization of information. Information Technology has become a dynamic and extremely powerful means of collecting, processing, storing, presenting and sharing information in the developing countries. The processed information is usually presented on digital devices, and also to a large extent presented on public infrastructures such as the internet and the World Wide Web. Information …show more content…
Technology is understood as practical implementation of intelligence (Encyclopedia of Science and Religion, 2016), and is therefore a matter of knowing how to express values. Ferguson (2004) opines that technology in whatever form somehow relates to religion, positively, negatively, or neutrally, since religion is also supremely a matter of values. Information Technology enhances religious practices by facilitating the creation and expansion of religious communities (Verschoor-Kirss, 2012). According to Ferguson (2004), religion has to embrace technology or die, and that the two most common areas that Information Technologies are used in religion are in training for clergy and for religious institutions making their information available. An example is in Christianity in which Information Technology has given it (Christianity) medium through which a world-wide audience can be reached. Christianity has been one of the first religions to adopt and profit from technologies. Ferguson’s (2004) work indicates that historically there have been advances for Christianity when there were advances in technology. The Pax Romana technology for instance existed at the time of Christ, and played a siginficant role in the spread of the gospel (Sims, 2005). Religion is viewed as a defining characteristic of human societies that are independently created across the world and have an influence on the world’s cultures. Uyehara ( 2006), says religion was created to explain phenomenon that confounds humans and to provide spiritual stability for humans. The spiritual health of humans comprises the health of mind, self-acceptance, living peaceably with self, adapting positively oneself to their