The Importance Of Interview Assignment

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To: Senior of 2015
From: Senior of 2014 Hi let me just start by saying I know how you feel by how flustered you might be from school and others things you have to do like work and hanging out with friends, I get it that’s why I am going to help you out for this capstone. First depending on what you want to be make sure you can find someone to shadow, but maybe if you have a more unique profession that’s harder to find people to shadow you can always find them online and talk to them on the phone or by emails they will probably be glad to answer interview questions as well as personal questions. Secondly you will need to make your presentation make it simple for you to follow and put your own personal touch if you decide to use a template on something like power point or prezi. Keep an open mind about what you have on there too it doesn’t have to be a bunch of boring facts, who can show pictures of the people you shadowed at their office as long as you have their permission. You can also put up things you learned from the shadow or interview you had with the professional you were working with. While presenting the presentation you want to not look at the screen what you put up there is just extra stuff to keep the judges interest and attention. They are listening to what you are saying and looking at the screen for visual interpretation, don’t take it as they are not paying attention if they are looking at your presentation that just means you made it very interesting. Then comes what to wear I would advise to have a professional or clean look slacks or khakis with a button up shirt for guys and a formal dress or also slacks for girls with a blouse and coat. Also