The Importance Of Job Satisfaction

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Although it looks like that all four guys tent to be satisfied with their jobs, it is hard to say that whether jobs with long hours, hundreds of E-mails and no sleep are good or bad. Because of tendency for economic globalization, more jobs need constant traveling, high concentration, communication around world(Robbins & Judge, 90). Maybe people choose jobs from different points of view, according to the report “ the list of top 10 satisfaction factors for 2011”, the first five are job security, opportunities to use skills and abilities, organization’s financial stability, relationship with immediate supervisor and compensation/ pay (Society for Human Resource Management). The trends in wages and living costs almost guarantee that both compensation/pay and benefits will remain critical factors in determining employee job satisfaction in the years ahead and could weigh on employee job satisfaction if they continue.
Of course, demands of job with too much pressure will not be high all the time and more people are happy to select jobs which are easy doing, and high-paid. Says Clark, “There are plenty of people who would love to have this job. They’re knocking on the door all the time. So that’s motivating.”(Robbins & Judge, 91) Main factors contribute to people in the case that jobs are time-consuming and stressful. Some people are accustomed to life with pressure or work give them lots of challenge or risk, which make workers more motivated to achieve their self value. Also the external forces influencing employee job satisfaction,