The Importance Of Learning

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When it comes to college learning can be difficult for many people, but I would explain to someone that we learn everyday. Even if we are not trying learn intentionally we still learn. My views from week one about learning hasn't changed I still believe that learning is to achieve new knowledge and to apply it to what you already know . I now know that if I apply myself, the things that I thought were difficult are actually simple.

I'm a strong-willed learner, my learning pattern scores are as follows. My LCI scores Sequence (26), precise (25), technical reasoning (26), and confluence (22). When it comes to learning I now do things a lot different that before. I make notes while I am reading a chapter, I plan my nights out rather than just getting on the computer to rush and get my assignments complete. Sequence and precise plays a strong role in my development as a better studier. I enjoy everything about technical reasoning, maybe the rally cry of my life, I am at this stage in life where I enjoy the hands on projects. When you take all four learning patterns and put them together in my daily life, I now know exactly what is going on. I will be at work and some one will say “where did that come from” at that moment I will stop and reflect on the lesson learned in this course and say to my self “that was a confluence moment”.

By having the privilege, to be able to review the chapters of Intentional Learning for college success, I now understand the benefits of my learning patterns. The benefit of being use first in sequence is that I am able to plan, organize, and complete task without any frustrations this was a major strategy for me during this course. I am also use first in precise, which is another great advantage for me. Being use first in precise can some time be difficult for me because I enjoy being right, but I am also quick to use references to prove to myself that I am correct this strategy worked for me during the quizzes. I know some of m discussions post may have been way out in left field, but once the reader was finished reading they had an understanding of where I was coming from . I guess that’s confluence at work for me. I absorbed a lot during these past five weeks, but by really paying attention to my learning