The Importance Of Learning Center

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What is it?? Where is it?? Who goes there?? Why go there??
Learning center- is a place students go for extra help with their homework. Learning center is located in Roberts’s library 3rd floor. students and teachers For extra help with class work.
Writing Center-is for students who need extra help writing their papers The writing center is located library and also on the 3rd floor in Russell Hall Students and teachers go here For extra help with writing papers.
College Library- is a place students go to study, find the help they need, and check out books, use computers, print papers, Etc. Library is located in Roberts hall, located behind Russell Hall Students and faculty To study, use of computers, print papers, check out books, and tutoring, students can go here for a number of reasons
Disability services- A place where students with any kind of disability can go to get the help, and attention they need. Located in Stanford Hall, students affairs office. People with any kind of disability For the extra help one with disability may need.
Office of student life- A place for students, offers opportunities, activities and services, which foster meaningful engagement outside of class. Located in the Georgia Hall, same place you can find dining hall, Book store, etc. Students and faculty There are a number of reason one would go here.
Financial Aid-is a place students would go to make sure that everything was taken care of for school (money) Located in the Grace Hall