The Importance Of Learning From Fine Arts

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I learned so much from fine arts. I learned creativity, how to express myself, think outside of the box, and new ways of lifestyle. Art is all around us. It is what separate us as individuals and gives us free expression. Listening to music, painting a mural, sculpting a vase, they all share a common need of desire and teach you to dig deeper. We might not need the arts as far as survival but it is definitely necessary. It’s been known to not just serve a purpose of beauty, but in medical fields as well. If it wasn’t for music, drama, dance, visual arts, poetry, sculpture, painting etc., some people would be out of a job. We wouldn’t have half of today’s technology, nor would we have appreciation for the beauty around us.

Music is the most popular way to reduce stress. It has become so epic that we now have the study of music therapy. Music therapy is an evidence-based practice that can affect changes in physical, psychological, social and cognitive domains through music experiences and the relationship that develops between the client and the therapist. Depression has become one more common in today’s societies all over the United States. Depression is a serious diagnosis that can be so bad that it pulls a toll over you physically and mentally. Music has improved antidotes to treat depression, anxiety, and ect.

What music does for our community is amazing. It has a bigger influence then our own idols, stars, senators and governors. Music is only part of this