The Importance Of Liberal Arts

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Tyler Jacques March 13, 2013
Research Paper

The major that I have chosen is called Liberal Arts. There are many reason of why I have chosen this major. One of the reason I have chosen to start off with this major was because I just wanted to get all the classes I needed to take over with already. Another reason was because I wanted to experience what this major had to offer in its wide variety of classes. But one of the most important reasons that I took this class was because my sister had went to Suffolk and I wanted to follow her footsteps. It didn’t really take much time for me to decide on this field of study. I knew I wanted to take Liberal Arts to second I got out of High School considering my sister took the same exact thing. Probably the only thing that sparked my interest into this field of study was the classes that were in it. Many of the classes that I could choose from I had already learned about in high school or at least some information. For example I took a Mythology class in my first year of being at Suffolk and I had a ton of background knowledge on Mythology already so I tried out the class and ended up liking it very much. I had a lot of reaction from my family of the choice of my major, most of them had said that it was a good place to start off. Some of them were happy for me that I had chosen Liberal Arts. My friends on the other hand were not so enthusiastic about my decision to be going to Suffolk. Im pretty sure you have heard before that Suffolk is like the 13th grade, which is what they had said to me. I didn’t really pay attention to all the negative attitude. I choose were I wanted to go and as of now I am happy with the decision I have made.
There are many different types of classes that I am required to take in order to graduate from Suffolk. Some examples are English 101 and 102 and Physical Education which is basically Gym class. English class is all about learning how to write at a college level as far as I know. Physical Education is basically what it was like in High School just a bunch of running and non sense. Other classes are a VA, Music, Theatre, or Cinema Elective. One class that I have a wide variety of choice is a Non Western Soc Sci elective which as way to many classes to name but many of them have to do with Anthropology, Government, and World History. These classes include a lot of information about our world as it is today or how it was in the past. Lastly a Math Elective and a Science Elective. These classes include a lot of different classes. Mathematics can include Algebra, Advanced Mathematics, and a bunch of different Calculus levels. The amount of study time required for all of these classes would probably be around 2 hours or so maybe 3 generally. Personally I don’t really study much. The amount of time I use to study would probably have to around nothing at all. I'm not the kind of person that studies I store the information in my head from when I hear it and I remember it for a nice amount of time. The types of projects that are involved for English class are probably a lot of essays and reading projects. Science electives have a lot of different labs to do and maybe a science fair. I will utilize all the classes that I will take as just information that I have. Maybe pursue a job in any of the classes that I took during my college career.
The level of difficulty of my major is lower on the difficulty scale. As a personal question I feel as if I can somewhat easily make it through this major pretty