The Importance Of Life

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I believe that the amount of money a person makes is inconsequential. There is nothing wrong with having abundance, as long as making money is not the ultimate goal,. In fact, I believe that God wants us to live in abundance and enjoy the beauty and pleasures of life. I believe that if we live our daily lives with a desire to be in harmony with God, abundance will be a natural byproduct. The important thing to note is that abundance is a byproduct, and not the overall goal.

What does this have to do with work, money, and service? Well, first of all, I would like to challenge the essay prompt and the way it is worded. In my mind, it is not so much about serving others, as it is about serving each other. I feel it is a bit pretentious to put myself in the position of serving others, as if I am somehow better or better off. Rather, I like to look at it as everyone being in service to each other, for everyone has something to give and
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If a person is willing to discover and live out this purpose, (which may shift throughout life, as life is characterized by change,) then the work will be unbelievably rewarding and will benefit others naturally. Just like in the optimally functioning body, the balance achieved by each individual working efficiently as part of the whole, will result in abundance for all in some form or another. If a person is “out of sync” or not working in harmony, something will likely not feel right. Perhaps the money will not flow abundantly. Perhaps the individual will not feel completely fulfilled or satisfied by his/her work. If there is trust, and willingness to truly reflect upon and periodically reevaluate our work, then flexibility and openness to modifying the work that we do may be more readily accepted as part of the process of being in harmony with God, with ourselves, and with the