The Importance of Measuring Enterprise BIS221 Essay

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The Importance of Measuring Enterprise Impact
Trina Johnson, Lakeitcha Alexander, Justin Tibbs, and Mercheryl Moore
Week 5
February 26, 2015
Karen Sirman
The Importance of Measuring Enterprise Impact
Trina Johnson
My contribution to the discussion focused on the huge amounts of data produced during transactions in a company. Information technologies give support in big business systems like (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning, which utilized in recognizing, extracting and analyzing business data, such as, sales revenue by product and/or department. Measuring impact identifies the value of how your organization presents its self to recipients and the general public as a whole. Some companies feel the need to cut internal energy use; and therefore, they outsource data processing duties. Outsourcing can cause intentional damage to a company. Having internal processed in place for data formulas can cut down significantly on misuses and incorrect data entry, as well as cut backs on security breaches.
Lakeitcha Alexander
Our Learning team discussed how important it is to measure data from an enterprise stand point. My contribution to the discussion was more focused on the processes of how companies gathered and stored data. I currently work for a company that outsources most of its data collecting projects through firms that are local and out of state. This is an example of green washing. I never understood why most of the jobs were outsourced since we have two fulltime IT employees. This cannot possibly be cost efficient for the company. It seems the company is taking a huge hit on expenses due to the salaries of the two fulltime employees and the cost for the firms used to collect and store the data for the company.
Mercheryl Moore
My contribution to the discussion is one of the…