The Importance Of Mentoring In Nursing

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Learning is an ongoing process of acquiring knowledge and skills. Mentoring is one main criteria being practiced in clinical setting to facilitate learning process among new learners in hospital. Effective guidance and coaching is important for new nurses to perform efficiently .Within this assignment ,i as a mentor will discuss and emphasize on learning strategies and learning styles that can be used to facilitate my mentees learning in clinical practice.

I am State Registered Nurse (SRN),a diploma holder, working for 5 years. I am working in medical surgical ward with 32 normal beds and 2 vvip beds.Mentor- mentee programme had been practiced in our hospital for newcomers with three months of probationary period.
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Nurse A feel comfortable with the teaching methods.I also explain to her that some learning theories will be used to teach her.She agreed with my decision.The teaching strategies listed below ;

1) Data or written notes
2) Behavioural approach
3) Cognitive approach
4) Answer questions
5) Demonstration
6) Discussion (group / self)
7) Practice participation
8) Computer Asserted Learning Programme

These may change in order to facilitate learning process in nurse A in her clinical practice. (see appendix 4). I encourage nurse A to ask question about if doubt.
Provide feedback base for improvement in teaching .This is supported by Pashler ,H
& Nepeda , al (2005).Feedback is a mechanism that help to determine effectiveness in communication with learner.

As a result both of us agreed with the teaching strategies that wiil utilized in achieving nurse A learning objective.My planning isto achieve nurse A learning goals,provide effective learning with flexible teaching approach.I will ensure,she is comfortable while learning.I also as a teacher will make sure teaching methods properly being utilized in teaching nurse A until she met her learning goals upon completion of this teaching.

Facilitating learning and assessment
For my understanding learning is gain knowledge from teaching, experience, behaviour and practice .Burns (1995) define learning as behavioural