The Importance Of Moving To America

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Eternity, everyone wants something to last that long, don’t they? Well that’s what I hoped my summer holiday would last for. It all started few weeks before the end of school, my parents decided to move to America because most of my relatives live there. I didn’t really mind moving because here in England I didn’t have any friends. So it’s going to be a new beginning for me.
So here I am, in New York City, defined as a city of crime, but to me it seemed peaceful and friendly or, maybe I was trying to make myself to think that.

When we came to New York we had to stay in the hotel for few days until we haven’t found a nice house. After a week of searching my mum found a house nearby my aunty. I’ve never saw her before but my mum told me a lot of stuff about her.
As we moved in the new house my dad found a school for me, about 15 minutes away of walking. Our house was joined with another house, where a man lived on his own, he was in his thirty’s, and his name was Matt. He doesn’t have a wife or children. He seemed a very nice person though he looked very suspicious.

In the neighbourhood there was no teenagers only little kids, well only one opposite my house a boy my age lived there but he might’ve been little bit older. He was quite good looking, he had medium long black hair, tall, and he was also wearing skate clothes. I hoped he would go to my school. As I was very bored most of the time in my new house because we didn’t have TV or internet, so I went round Matt’s house to play on the Wii or X-box. He always gave me loads of sweets and cooked dinner if my parents were working.

On the first day of school I had no clue what to wear but in the end I’ve found something. Meanwhile when I was leaving my house, the boy opposite left as well, I hoped he would walk the same direction as me, and he did. I was walking behind him continuously until the school gate. While I entered the school I had no idea where to go but the boy who lived opposite me, helped me to find my way around the school, I also got to know his name which was Jay. He asked me a lot of questions; he was fascinated most of the time. Jay seemed very friendly, intresting, funny and smart.

After school, Jay waited for me to keep me company. “This is where you live right?” he asked. “Yeah I live here, but I need to go round my neighbour’s house until my parents get back.” I answered. He watched me while I was going to knock on the neighbour’s door. When Matt opened the door Jay’s eyes grew bigger like if he saw a ghost. He didn’t say anything though. I was confused and petrified. Later that day, Matt helped me with the homework in his office. He was acting differently than usual; he was sweating, I was getting anxious. It was getting late and my parents should’ve been back by now, but he wouldn’t let me go.

He dragged me to his room, threw me on the bed and with force started