The Importance Of Music On Youth

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These are some of my thoughts but they go through out this whole essay………enjoy my piece of mind, heart, and soul in this essay.
I chose this piece because I really feel that this program could and does have an effect on youth. Even with the studies that they have done and it does show that this does make a different in the children who have done the testing. They show there are four different groups, one was playing the piano, two is voice, three drama and four they did not do anything in the group. It took several weeks to put this all to work and when they finished, it showed that the children who were in the group for voice did better than all of them. I feel that if these young children really listen to the music and understand music for not just the lyrics but the actually music part of the song. If they learn how to clear their mind and focus on one thing, setting their mind free to observe their surroundings. I think that they would be able to focus more in life itself. By that they would be able to concentrate in school and do better when they tried to do their school work. I think that you would have to talk to the children and see what they feel and understand about music, that they want to listen to, see what meaning it has on them. I don’t think that it is just Mozart. I think that it can be any music that the child feels and understands. Why do we have to label it? If we were just to ask them what they felt when they listened to the music that they wanted to hear that it would be totally different, from studies telling them that they had to listen to a certain type of music. Everyone learns differently. Maybe someone can’t listen to a certain type of music. Maybe they would get distracted when listening to it. My view before the research that I did on this subject, well I thought that it was pretty interesting. Me myself…I love music just letting my mind escape from reality for that moment in time I feel that I’m free for those brief minutes of the song. Rather it has lyrics or no lyrics. I can listen to music and study better, than not listening to music when I study. I usually do better on my test when I do listen to music when I am studying. But if I don’t listen to music during studying I don’t do as good. I feel that I can take more in and understand it. Maybe it’s putting what I’m studying to music. Just like remembering lyrics to a song which lots of kids and youth already know? The Mozart Effect

They call this the Mozart Effect. In the 1990’s there was a study done on young children that when they were to listen to Mozart classical music that it would only last 10-15 minutes after they had listened to his music. They also did a test on monkeys for them to listen to this music, but it had no success. They also ended up in 1998 studies show that again there were four different groups, this time they were a little different from the one that was in 1990’s. Instead of drama class they worked on computers. It shows that the children that had the keyboard class did better up to a day after (they had the last piano class) that they could still piece together a puzzle faster than any of the other groups. In most of the research that was done for the 1990’s to the last time that test were taking that listening to Mozart last still 10-15 min. What if they tried in a class letting the music play throughout the whole time while the youth were writing have one day play this music to write than the next day do a different situation where they could not listen to any thing of assort and see which would work better. As I write right now I am listening to Mozart and everything seems to be coming to me more easy than when I first starting writing this essay. At that time I was not listening to any music. As I stated earlier I feel that music can clear a mind and things can come to you differently. As a child I did not see myself wanting to listen to this type of music, at the time kids are into different