The Importance Of My Family

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All my life I have had different family in and out of my life. I’ve never once judged my mother for anything she's done because she is my mom I guess. I try not to pay attention to whatever she does, or face getting told, “Stay in a child's place” when I ask any questions. My grandma always says she lives in her own world which I know she does. My mom has taught me that I don't have opinions, marriage is dysfunctional, and all relationships are temporary. When I was born, which I don't remember all that well, my parents were never really a thing. They lived together when I was born, but that's about it. My older brother, who was born four months before me, was the main attention. He wasn’t my moms child, which pretty much puts things in perspective. My dad has always been nice and caring to all nine of his kids, especially me, Si, and Rio. We are the most recent anyways. My mom has always been an independent woman, which makes me wonder why she even does this. My parents split up soon after my birth, and she met a man, who is my first brothers father. He would visit to see Devin, who was one at the time, and my mom of course. They lasted not so long either, for reasons my mom wont tell me, but I'm well aware of. My mom soon met a man named Larry, who Is still present in our lives today. They …show more content…
When I had got back, I came to find out that Jordan unpalatable moved away to live with Justice and their mom, leaving only Devin, Larry, mothers kids Landon and Levi, and I. Larry had moved to someone's house, maybe his cousins or something, but of course I wasn't told. Mrs. Quida was a truck driver, so she was only here during the weekends anyways. This gave mother a perfect opportunity to do whatever she feels like doing. She never subsides to doing her own thing, even though none was