The Importance Of Obstacles

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Many may ask, how can a good thing ever come out of an obstacle? Some people are born with obstacles others to encounter them as they grow up. Obstacles are found everywhere, even the wealthiest person in the world has obstacles affecting them. Even though obstacles are not inherently a positive thing, they can prove to be beneficial and a learning experience for most.
Obstacles are anything that blocks a path and prevents and hinders progress. Obstacles can come in all shapes and sizes, from natural disasters to terrorist attacks. An example of an obstacle would be the terrorist attack on 9/11 to the World Trade Center in New York. This catastrophic event resulted in the destruction of the twin towers, a staggering death toll of 2,977 people, and an estimated 123 billion dollar economic loss for the world. Truly one of the darkest days in American history. Though many don’t realize it, the terrorist
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They serve to obstruct and to hinder the way to a destination. Once a person has encountered an obstacle they are more prepared to react to it in the future. A tradesman might make the mistake of going through an unfamiliar trail to a village and accidentally breaks his wagon’s wheel on a large rock. If the tradesman knows that a huge rock will stop him from bringing his goods through a path, he will try to find an alternative or a shortcut to his destination. Likewise, obstacles can be compared to an exam. An exam that stands in the way of a student wanting to be successful and getting good grades. The student’s interpretation of “breaking the wagon’s wheel” can be compared to taking the exam completely oblivious without studying, therefore getting a bad grade. The student then reacts similarly to the tradesman by studying and analyzing the test. He has the same chances as the tradesman to make mistakes and to learn from them. In the future, he is able to better prepare for the exam and will be more likely to