The Importance Of Online Shopping

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2.3.2 Familiarity
Trust develops over time occur when the familiarity online antecedents by knowledge-based trust. According to McKnight, Cummings, and Chervany (1998), the development of consumer trust between parties accumulates the importance of time and an interaction history. Trust and familiarity play an important roles that familiarity is for experience based individual giving through meanwhile trust can increased understanding of current action of the store and reduce social complexity (Luhmann, 1979).
Based on the consumer’s previous experience, they understands process transaction in online shopping (Bigley and J.L. Pearce, 1998). It can make consumers understanding of current actions of online shopping due to decrease social
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They also mentioned that the effective customer service can decrease consumer risk and stimulates trust due to their sensitivity towards purchase intention of product and service. Next, a poor customer service may reduce consumer trust in intention to purchase through online shopping (Hsu, 2008). It is because the firm does not keep promises and consequently lower down the level of consumer trust on the online seller (Huppertz, Anderson & Evans, 1978; Oliver & Swan, …show more content…
According to Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC, 2014), it found that only 24.5% internet user purpose of online shopping in year 2013, but increase amount 13.5% which is 38% in year 2014. They not only to buying products or services, but to collect product information. Today, online business environment is playing an important role in the whole relationship between online consumers and online seller. According to Kalakota and Whinston (1996), online shopping can be categorized into four sub-processes which are navigation, information searching, online transactions and customer interactions. However, consumers do not evaluate every sub-process properly when they visit an online shop. It is a new ways of purchasing when it allows customers to purchase products and services over the internet in their home or office without the need to visit the store. When consumers accept and use Internet for shopping, they are accepting and using technologies and innovation. Consumers can gain benefit from high standard online service quality compared with physical shop (Yang et al.,