The Importance Of Organizational Culture

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Ans1- A Platform where people come together and work in a team to earn profit for the firm as well as to serve their livelihood is called as organization. Every firm has a different way to work to achieve its goals and objectives which is called as Culture. The behavior by the employees with their colleagues and clients defines culture. Culture is the main personality for any organization, company, any business or any corporate. Culture for any organization is very difficult to express but everyone is aware that they sense it and have some relevant experience with it. Organization culture originally comes from anthropology. Each organization has their own unique identity and culture to follow. Culture of the organization always change with …show more content…
The culture of an organization represents policies which help the employees to direct them at a right place and it is also clear to all the employees about their roles and responsibilities towards their work. It is very important for the organization to set the culture in such a way that all the employee are treated equally and none is left out or neglected at their work place. The culture helps the employees to come together who are from different background. They also gave them a sense of togetherness to work at their work place. It is the culture of the organization that makes the employee successful in their job roles. There are different types of organization culture they are historical, functional, behavioral, normative, structural, mental and formal.
• Historical culture- It is a culture which is carried forward to future generation.
• Normative- It is a culture which has rules or values for living.
• Behavioral Culture- This culture learns human
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• For any kind of project or product deal one has to go through procedure and guidelines one cannot directly make the decision.
Failing to adhere the conduct could lead to severe issues including the termination of the employee. They organize culture events for their colleagues including their family members. They help the community by doing CSR activities where the employees get a chance to participate for being a volunteer. They identify and organize the training and development as an when requirement.
In the below chart it is defined the vision , mission , values and culture of the organization. Its values include accountability, integrity, innovation, ownership, safety, diversity, community, balance, empowerment customer service, inclusion, agility, concern for the environment and passion for excellence.
Hence organization culture and value is very important to achieve its goal and objective in a formal way. It is important because it shapes the organization to take the right decision; it helps the employees to behave in an appropriate ways within an