The Importance Of Personal Goals

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Success is impossible without clear intentions and specific goals. Attempting to succeed without having specific goals is like playing football without goal posts. Scoring a goal will be difficult, and one never experiences the exhilaration and fulfilment that comes from achieving a definite target. The key word that defines success is “fulfilment”.
Having a clearly defined vision is necessary for success in every area of our lives, and more so in business. It would be difficult, even impossible to move forward, reach your full potential, and fulfil your purpose without a vision. The clearer your vision gets, the more you know where you’re heading.
Walt Disney World is the most visited holiday resort in the world with attendance of over 52 million
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Because of this, all the weight from the bike and rider is transmitted down onto two small points where the front and back tires hit the road. The narrow tires make the bike go faster. The downside is that any little rock or piece of glass you run over has an increased chance of puncturing your tire. So, you should avoid every little thing in the road or else you get to spend time fixing a flat.
I found early on in my cycling career that I was hitting a lot of those rocks. It wasn’t that I didn’t see them coming, it was just that my bike started to steer itself right into them. It was so frustrating! I mentioned it to my dad who told me that he had experienced the same thing when he started riding.
“You can’t look at the rock,” he said. “If you focus on the rock, you will hit it almost every time. If you want to avoid it, you have to focus on a point to the side of the rock. You have to focus on where you want to go, not at what you want to avoid.”
I gave it a try and he was right. I could avoid the obstacles a lot better if I looked six inches to the side of them. If I focused on the path I wanted to take, the obstacles came and went without any