The Importance Of Pitbulls As Pets

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There has been a big argument about pit-bulls, whether they should be legal or illegal to have as pets. People want to argue about how people shouldn't be allowed to keep pit-bull dogs as pets because they think they are dangerous. That is their own opinion because dogs are going to be dogs, it determines on how you treat and train the dogs. Pit-bulls are just like every other dogs, so that means every dog is dangerous. People would have to disagree on that because most of America own dogs.
There are many people who disagree on having pit-bulls as pets. The majority of pit-bull owners are terrible owners and they train their dogs to be mean and aggressive. Laws on dog fighting should be heavily enforced because it is dangerous and somebody
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Most pit-bulls are very eager to please their owner and if the owner tells them to do something, most of the time they do as told. The majority of pit-bulls that are still living do not bite, any dog can bite or kill anything or anybody, it isn't just pit-bulls. Pit-bulls are a dog breed known for their loyalty and persistence. People are so quick to judge animals by the way other think about them. People say pitbulls are too dangerous to be around kids but pit-bulls are actually great with kids, they are very affectionate with both children and adults. Everybody think pit-bulls are so dangerous but it all depends on how you treat them. If you train them to be mean then they are going to be mean but if you train them to be loving dogs then they are going to be loving dogs. Any dog can be dangerous, not just pit-bulls. There was a pit-bull owner that fell onto railroad tracks while walking with her dog and her 8 year old pit-bull named Lilly was severely injured after putting her life endanger because she pushed her her owner and Lilly ended up getting hit in her back legs but she saved her owner. The real breed is the American Pit-Bull Terrier, and they are not dangerous at all. They are one of the most loyal dogs out there and it is sad that people want to illegalize pit-bulls when they could have a loving home and be loved instead of being killed. It is a stereotype …show more content…
Pit-bulls can be just as aggressive as any other dog.
Pit-bulls might have a bad reputation but they are the most loyal dogs out there. People in this world are so judgemental and they automatically believe what they hear when they have probably never have seen it happen before. Any dog can be vicious and dangerous, it just depends how you raise them and treat them because if you treat them bad then they will treat you the way you treated them. People should be able to make their own decisions. If they want to have a pit-bull then they should be able to have a pit-bull, just because a few pit-bulls have injured people doesn’t mean it should be banned because of the mistakes pit-bulls have made. There are many other breeds that have hurt and killed people so pit-bulls shouldn’t be the only ones getting the blame for