The Importance of Priests in Ancient Egypt Essay

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During the time of the Ancient Egyptians Priest held an important role in their society. They were considered the second class in their caste system under the Pharaohs which were the kings. Still they held a very great power and wealth, and had many responsibilities put on them to do. They were in charge of all funeral rites, taught schools, supervised artist and their works, and also gave advice to people dealing with problems in their life.

The Egyptians lived near the Nile River and this was important to them because the river provided freshwater, irrigation abilities for farming, food like fish, and it also provided mud which helped the Egyptians make pottery and even bigger things as in houses. The Nile River also helped Egyptians keep enemies and war out of their society by forming natural boundaries around it, and even created a place for trade down the river.

Priest in the time of the Ancient Egyptians were mostly men whose roles in the society and responsibilities were usually passed down their oldest son. Priest were in charge of taking the upmost care of the gods and goddess. They lived for them every day all the time, so much that priest actually lived inside the temples so they could care for the gods whenever possible.

In a normal day for a priest they would wake up and say a daily morning hymn and also reciting a prayer over an image of their god. Then after this the priest gets dressed and puts on his jewels and makeup, and goes to eat breakfast.…