The Importance Of Privacy

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Privacy is the ability of an individual or a group to seclude themselves, or information about themselves from others and only express these information to whom they want. Privacy help individual maintain their autonomy and individuality. People define and have power over what information they want to be public. As a result of the importance of privacy, there are privacy protection laws implemented in every country that might differ from one another. Living a life without these privacy laws can be miserable. One only need to read George Orwell’s 1984 to understand how a society without any privacy functions and operates as well as the daily life and psychology of individuals living in such society. There must be protection laws
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Internet access is considered a human right under the UN like owning a property and the right to start a family. However, the state of privacy on the internet is something different. As an example, china bans websites like facebook and WhatsApp forcing people to starting using VPNs (Virtual private networks ) as a mean to counter it. In other countries, internet isn’t “free” and what an individual views on the internet isn’t private and the government invades the individual privacy and can prosecute them for what they view and do on the internet. In this digital age, with an exponential increase in technology; more debate and discussion about privacy are opened, the amount of technology in our own houses that are capable of spying and invading our privacy is substantial. Technologies like Amazon Echo, Google Home hear our voices on a daily basis and questions about privacy come forth with these new technology are emerging. Thus, new and well written privacy protection laws need to be implemented. In this paper, the discussion will be about the United States and the European Union. The paper will discuss the similarities and differences about privacy and privacy protection laws in the United states and European Union as well as the reasons for these reasons. In addition, the commercial and enforcement effects of theses reason will be presented. First, we will discuss the difference and …show more content…
The reason being is that in their minds they know their are privacy protection laws that mandate businesses to adhere to basic privacy laws that protect their data. An example of such, is a new data-privacy rule that was put in 2017 guarantees europeens the right to have companies delete all their data and personal information that are not relevant and also mandates businesses to notify all their consumers of a breach within three days. However, this is not the case at all in the US. Americans hope they are not signing something that would tie their hands or that their data is not bought and sold with no privacy policies implemented. In addition, European Union has what’s called the right to be forgotten legal decision. This helps europeans erase some data about their previous actions that has made it into the news and so forth. An example, if a person had a DUI 10 years ago and made it in the news, this individual is allowed to ask search engines to remove links regarding that incident hence erasing his past. However, there is no such ruling that helps americans remove or delete information about themselves