The Importance Of Professional Development In Early Childhood Education

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Throughout the past five years as an early childhood professional I have experienced a great deal of professional development. I have earned my associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, working on my master’s, and experienced on the job training in the early childhood field. Although educational coursework had provided me with a strong foundation in the history, trends, and issues, nothing has had the greatest impact like on the job training. I am a kinesthetic learner, and I learn best by seeing and doing. Hands-on learning has had the biggest impact on my practice because no two days or individuals are the same. With each new day comes new learning experiences and challenges that enable me to learn alongside of my students and co-workers. I have …show more content…
TED Talk videos have challenged my philosophy and practice as an ECE professional. For instance, my belief of using technology in the classroom has drastically changed since my studies here at Ashford University. I have gained a completely new perspective on using technology tools and strategies FOR learning. Professional development has brought my practice and beliefs into the 21st-century learning community. Freeney, Galper, and Seefeldt (2009) notes “functional theory posits that life experience is more significant than what a person learns in a book or workshop” (p. 165). Although I know coursework and book knowledge plays a critical role in my growth and development as an ECE professional, real-life experiences have been equally as important for building a high quality early childhood learning environment. According to Freeney, Galper, and Seefeldt (2009) “early accounts of early childhood teacher preparation discussed the need for professionals to have a strong background in child development” (p. 170). My previous place of employment at a child development center on a Marine Corps base aligned their professional development strategies with the NAEYC Standards for Professional Preparation. Professional development programs serve the purpose